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Dear 2017 Fellows,

Alisha graduating from her 2013 Fellowship Class

It’s been a long season of outreach and planning in preparation for your arrivals and I could not be happier to finally meet you all. In 2013, I was a fellow and it was one of the most transformative times in my life. After the Fellowship I decided I loved the Bus so much I would try my hardest to stick around for as long as I could, and now here I am 4 years later living my dream and it’s because the Bus invested in my growth as a leader. I am excited to be a contributor to the growth you will experience this summer.

It’s okay to be nervous. I remember my first day sitting in our old Bus office not really knowing what was in store for me this summer but it was the best summer ever. I met one of my best friends through the Fellowship and got a very unique (and fun!) perspective on local politics.

Alisha’s summer as Fellowship Organizer!


The Fellowship is a lot of work, but it’s extremely rewarding. You will become best friends with your clipboard and 4 years later you will probably find a bus sticker or two hiding out in your room. When you do, you will be reminded of that time you kicked ass in the field at the block parties, helped meet campaign goals, and maybe that person you tried to give that sticker to and they ignored you (because that will happen). Which leads me to say this:

2017 Fellowship Inauguration



Canvassing is hard. It was the hardest part for me as an introvert and if canvassing is hard for you it is okay. I’ve been at the Bus in different capacities since I’ve graduated from the Fellowship and I’ve come a long way when it comes to how I feel about field and it is because of the support I had at the Bus. Cinthia and I are here to support you when times get rough and when people get rude. One thing that helps me in the field as someone who has been doing this for a while is just remembering that the probability of me seeing someone I’ve canvassed again is very slim unless they come to more Bus stuff (and in that case YAY!). Bless and release those who are not ready to have the conversations you want to have with them and know that you might have been that person’s first contact in a field that has been historically exclusive to a lot of folks. 

Lastly, you will go through a lot this summers. Feelings of happiness, feelings of tiredness but please know that you are Bus family and family takes care of each other. I got your back and I know I can speak for the rest of Fellowship Team and Bus staff that no matter what you experience this summer, you will be supported and you will be better in the end.

Let’s go change the world and thank you for trusting me to guide you.

<3 Alisha

This blog post was written by Alisha Agard, the Bus’s Fellowship Coordinator.