Campus Engagement

“The energy of the bus is amazing and contagious. Working with the Bus makes me feel like I can change the world.”
– Thuy (Tweedy) Noc Pham, 2013 Campus Leader

The Bus supports campuses to engage students in legislative and civic advocacy year round through the development of strategic voter registration and civic engagement programs in regions across Washington State.

Campus Engagement Program

The Bus Campus Engagement Program provides support and resources to students to build infrastructure for values-driven long-term civic engagement programs. It is where our core objectives of meeting young people where they are to engage them in civic and political life meets developing young leaders with the training to make real change in their communities.

Partnerships and training

Since 2010, the Bus has partnered with fourteen different campuses across Washington State in building long-term strategic plans to increase campus civic engagement! We provide trainings, resources, and tactical field support to students on campuses to plan and organize their voter registration efforts, with an emphasis on metrics-based field plans, volunteer recruitment strategies, and airtight data collection. We train over 60 campus leaders annually, and complete over 40 campus visits to provide direct field support.

Proven results!

In 2012 the Washington Bus was a lead organization in the Youth Vote Coalition, which included the Washington Student Association, WashPIRG, and other collaborators. In one year, the coalition registered and engaged close to 15,000 young people in Washington State. While statewide turnout for youth was at 62% for 18-29 year olds, turnout for those registered on campus by the Youth Vote Coalition was 81%.

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